It's a Control Thing

ZAPI H3 Regenerative Controller

Meet my new ZAPI controller! This is one heavy piece of electronics: a blend of delicate microprocessors and tooth gnashing, high amperage control. As I outlined on my Controllers page, the ZAPI H3 is a high current (800 amp) regenerative controller. To this end you will notice a few more connectors compared to a non-regen controller. I've seen a Curtis regen controller and it also sports the extra goesinta's and goesouta's.

It also takes more external support parts before regen controllers (for series DC motors that is) can really put juice back into the batteries. To get regen going the connection and polarity to the armature is changed so that the motor generates electricity. This has two benefits: the motor acts like a brake, and a small amount of extra juice is put back into the batteries.

Single & Reversing Contactors

These two contactors are necessary for that regen switching. There is the added bonus that you could trigger one of these whenever you wanted to go into reverse. Since the car already has a reverse gear we probably won't mess with this.

All of this changes my initial EV schematic, which I'll try to update in the near future. The H3's measurements are: 11W x 15L x 5H and I think it weighs in the 40-50 lb range. The reversing contactor is 4W x 5L x 3H and weighs 3 lbs. Not something you'd run down to Radio Shack for.

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