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I'm slowly pulling together more information about controllers and as I do I'll try to update this page. I'm including the contact info of the company I originally got the controller information from. There are numerous suppliers and you can check the EV FAQ for a listing. Here are the controllers I'm aware of:

From what I've read Curtis has been around for awhile and continues to update their line of controllers and most folks are happy with them. Many of the controllers in use are the Curtis 1221B. Their newest addition, the 1231C, handles higher current, but some folks complain of a high frequency noise at times. Curtis has a regen controller available in Europe, but not for sale in the US.
  1231C: 96-144 volt, 500 amps max, 10-15khz operation, no regen
  1221B: 72-120 volt, 400 amps max, 15khz operation, no regen
www. EV-America.com
Electric Vehicles of America, Inc. (EVA)
Tel# 603-569-2100
Fax# 603-569-2900
P.O. Box 2037
Wolfeboro, NH 03894-4223

Manufactured in Italy, the ZAPI line all have regen capabilities. The models are:
    HFM 400: 48-144 volt, 18khz operation, 400 amps max, regen braking,
             all contactors built-in, adjustable parameters.
         H2: 24-96 volt,18khz, 400/600 amp max, regen braking, programmaable
         H3: 24-144 volt, 18khz, 800 amp max, regen braking, programmable
Mendomotive (707) 964-1331 (Gary Flo) mmotive@mcn.org
Auburn Scientific Controllers.
Manufactured in the US, the Auburn is a relatively new controller with a water cooled version available for higher temperature climates. The designers are reportedly working on a seperate regen module.
  Kodiak: 50-175 volt, 600 amps max, 15-18khz operation, no regen
Mike's Auto Care (415) 343-8801 (Mike Slominski)
All I'm aware of here is the product literature I sent away for which lists two complete EV motor/controller solutions. One option includes regen and uses a shunt motor (most motors in EVs are series), while the other uses a standard series motor and non-regen controller. The packages include a pot box (throttle) and meter.
   GE Shunt Motor & Control system: 96-144 volt, 500 amps, 4khz, regen
  GE Series Motor & Control system: 72-120 volt, 450 amps, 5khz, no regen
ProEV (916) 432-5233 (Don Rodes) proev2cm@aol.com
Out of Massachusetts this company has a line of commercially available EVs as well as their own line of motors and controllers. Dartmouth students have used these components in their various Tour De Sol entries. Solectria has both DC and AC solutions, although I'm not certain on the availability of the DC line.
Solectria Corporation (508) 658-2231 http://www.solectria.com/
I've heard good reports on this controller, EcoElectric posted an excellent review of the Curtis, Auburn, and Zapi controllers and how they worked in Arizona's unique climate. Auburn is also doing work on a regenerative option, which I believe is seperate from the controller. EcoElectric is a distributor for Auburn and I believe the controller is called KODIAK.
EcoElectric - Phone: 520(or 602)-770-9444, Fax: 520(or 602)-770-9908
Unique Mobility
Someone passed this link on to me (10/22/98). Looks like some interesting stuff both in motors and controllers.
Product Info
I've rumors of other controllers that I haven't seen specs or sources for: DAX and, perhaps, one from Israel. Feel free to email me with any leads, info, or additional controllers I've missed here.

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