Big, greasy fun

Now for the fun part!

In order to put all of the EV components into the new car, all of the Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) stuff has to come out. Lucky for me (and maybe not for him) my brother in-law visited for a weekend. I sadly overlooked the suggestions in EV literature of getting the engine steamed cleaned first and ended up completely black with oil from my elbows on down. I've always worked on my own vehicles, but this mess went a long ways toward convincing me how nice an EV will be without having to mess with oil, anti-freeze, and gasoline.

Here we go:

  • Remove the hood.
  • Drain the oil and anti-freeze.
  • Disconnect the battery.
  • Disconnect hoses & wiring harnesses. (someone might want these parts, so I was gentle).
  • Move the A/C out of the way: not sure if I will use it in the EV.
  • Pulled out radiator, battery, fluid reservoirs, coil, vacuum switches and junctions.
  • Remove alternator and air cleaner.
  • Disconnect even more cables and hoses I had missed before.
  • Push the car under an I-Beam in the garage, setup a winch with a couple heavy duty straps to the engine.
  • Disconnect exhaust manifold pipe.
  • Unscrew all of the engine mounting bolts, disconnect engine from the transmission.
  • Gently winch, wiggle, winch, and wiggle the engine until it pops out like an old, greasy molar.
  • Got the engine high enough to roll car out from underneath, back truck in and deposit one used engine.
  • Drain and remove gas tank and all fuel pipes & hoses.
  • Remove entire exhaust system.
  • Roll the car back into the garage.
  • Rejoice: free hand goop for everyone!

A lonely engine compartment...

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