Not making as much progress on the EV as I'd like to. I'm in the process of changing jobs and it is a hectic and confusing time, but well worth it.

That's not to say that nothing is happening: Kevin Hook came over and finished up the battery frame welding, I bought some more parts, and I now have something to take pictures with:

Kevin finished up the cross bracing on the rear battery box frame and then fabricated and mounted the front, top battery box frame. It all turned out nice and now I'm left with cleaning up (sandblasting?) and painting the raw metal. There are some small welding jobs left to do here and there, but I feel confident enough in using the MIG that I'll do it myself.

I bought some extra fuse holders, another contactor (SW200), and the inertia safety cutoff switch from EV America. Now I have everything I need to wire the controller and electronics board: except for extra time! I also borrowed a friend's camcorder (it was broke so I needed to fix it) so the visual part of this journey will resume shortly.

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